County Office of Education challenged on PCS Charter Renewal

The rescheduled public hearing is supposed to take place in fewer than 48 hours.  We have just received a lengthy challenge to the PCS charter renewal that addresses issues with discrimination, diversity, access, public meeting laws, admissions policies and more. The County Office of Education has received a letter from the Dannis, Wolliver, Kelly law firm outlining a number of issues with the Pacific Collegiate School charter.  The primary areas of concern are:

  • Discrimination, Racial & Ethnic Balance
  • Admission Preferences and Requirements that Prevent Diversity
  • Unlawfully Requiring Parents to make Financial Contributions & Work for the School
  • Charter must be Denied Absent Countywide Admissions
  • Brown Act Violations
  • Violation of Lease Terms
  • Failure to Produce Memorandum of Understanding

The letter references and includes excerpts from the Diversity Task Force report and includes a letter from former PCS board members imploring them to adopt the Diversity recommendations.

The letter may be downloaded here. (62 pgs, 2.7 MB)

The hearing will take place during the regular meeting of the County Office of Education, 2:00 p.m. Thursday, August 19th.


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