Under the Hood, Under the Radar

Community members have confirmed that this PCS event did take place on April 30th; news was distributed through private communications with parent members only. Public notice of this public event at a publicly funded public school was removed from their website, presumably to assure that members of the public did not attend.

Public agencies have an obligation to act transparently and openly.  This is the latest in a series of actions that puts Pacific Collegiate School directly in violation of the Brown Act and puts their charter at risk.

PCS “Under the Hood” nights are extremely informative and provide great insight into the school’s program and mission.  By excluding the community through this misguided “members only” approach, the school is failing to secure public support that they will need as their charter comes up for renewal and as they pursue the lease or purchase of a new facility.

As the school faces unknown legal action tonight and the transition to a new principal, going sideways with the Brown Act and Pubic Records acts are unwise strategic maneuvers.


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