A new offer?

Tonight the Santa Cruz City Schools Board of Trustees will meet in closed session to consider the latest offer from Pacific Collegiate School in new discussions about the Natural Bridges campus.

At the regular meeting of the board on November 12th, a group of hand-picked and well prepared parents with children at both district schools and PCS urged the board to consider the offer favorably. Other PCS parents, apparently unknown to PCS board officials, were less restrained in their comments and behavior. The outbursts were a stark reminder of the emotional toll of the school’s uncertain circumstances. District parents reminded the board and community that the much lamented time wasted and the very apparent student anxiety could have been avoided entirely had PCS brought forward a negotiable offer at any point during the past year.

Given the many negative consequences for the school should they rely on their Prop 39 application, we hope the offer was indeed “significant”.

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