Charter School modeled after PCS denied for the third time

The Placer County Board of Education failed to approve an appeal made by the Western Sierra Collegiate Academy, a proposed 7-12 charter school modeled after Pacific Collegiate School. The charter was previously denied twice by the Rocklin Unified School District after trustees expressed concerns about how the school would meet the needs of all but the already highest achieving students.  In her recommendation to approve the appeal, the Placer County Superintendent referred to PCS, citing concerns about the school’s diversity and facilities issues.  Her recommendation was accompanied by a set of pre-conditions outlining requirements that the charter would have to reflect the diversity of the community and demonstrate how the school’s program would meet the needs of the “traditionally under-served and academically low-achieving” students.

WSCA leaders indicate that they will appeal to the State Board of Education.  No date has been set for the appeal.

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