Keeping it simple

The PCS messaging is off-topic. In news forums, along the soccer sidelines and in our grocery stores, PCS leadership and parents continue to deflect responsibility for their predicament onto Santa Cruz City Schools.

It’s really very simple. Charter schools are responsible for providing facilities for their students. For five years, PCS rented space from the district. They failed to offer a negotiable, reasonable amount when the lease was up for renewal. “Half-off” was not an acceptable offer. End of story.

PCS had three choices: (1) pay a reasonable rent for Natural Bridges for the short term; (2) split the school in half and move to one of our secondary schools under Prop 39; (3) use their resources to find and fund a long-term facility.

Charter schools have a place in this world. School choice is not a bad thing. Charter schools, including PCS,  are solely responsible for securing a facility for its students, ensuring that their school follows the law, and managing their funds. It’s time for PCS to step up, solve their own facility needs and bring an end to the empty rhetoric and misplaced blame.

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